Niagara Region, a 'location of wonder' with breathtaking cataracts, nature trails, lush vinyards, events and festivities is located at the southern part of Ontario in Canada. The world famous Niagara Falls, which has been recognized as one of the 'must see' tourist destinations in the world, the man-made wonder Welland Canal, wine regions, its proximity to the United States all that made the Region of Niagara a destination for travelers for hundreds of years.

The Region of Niagara is surrounded by threee lakes - Lake Ontario, the River Niagara and Lake Erie. Find known and less known treasures of the region. Rivers, cataracts, parks, historical sites, farmlands, casinos, shopping, festivals and shows, the entire Niagara Region is beautiful and vibrant that entice any visitor.

To know the Niagara Peninsula in detail, you need to know the twelve municipalities. Each of which has its own distinctiveness, history, geographical differences, culture that together make the mosaic that is Niagara Region.

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